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I am Joe Scorza. Yet another human being with an affliction for uncomfortability, and an acceptance of that paradox. I walk through life with an innate purpose. To deliver gems from the depths of my emotions through music. I go to the places I am scared to venture and return with a piece of music to encapsulate experiences. I love my life today but it hasn’t always been like this. It’s been a rough road. And I’m happy to say. I’ve made music I’m proud of. And for now that’s all I can ask for.

Joe Scorza


Once there was someone. Anyone at all. Then there was no one. No one at all. 
But all the time… Existed something. And all the in between... Existed nothing 
So why did it all at all? 
This is it. This is all. Scared of living. Afraid of death. So what is it we need? It. That. This. Then, It will be okay. Only then. But if then never comes, and tomorrow stays the same. 
 What will you feel? 


Joe Scorza. A singer/songwriter from Takoma Park, MD, has come a long way to make you feel. To give a voice to the ones who open their hearts. And a medium to drift on. For the ones who open their ears. He has struggled through life. Stumbled his way to where he is now. Looking down at his feet. Moving forward. Always. With a trippy and emotional blend between alternative/indie, experimental rock, and even trance. Joe Scorza brings a unique view to the world of sound.



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Future Problems

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